Eileen Mockus

Eileen Mockus web headshotEileen Mockus is Chief Executive Officer of Coyuchi, Inc., makers of organic and natural home textiles. Under her leadership, Coyuchi’s cotton products have secured certification to the Global Organic Textile Standard, the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers.  Eileen holds a Bachelor of Science in Textile and Clothing from the University of California, Davis and Master of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Small Business and Entrepreneurship at San Francisco State University.  Before joining Coyuchi as Vice President of Product Development in 2011,she worked in textile production, sourcing and materials testing for The North Face, Patagonia and Pottery Barn Kids.

Talk Title: Sustainability in Home Textiles

Abstract: The home textile industry has primarily been focused on decorative textiles and easy to care for products, at a range of price points.  Brands and retailers differentiate their product around style, design, quality and price.  Within the industry are a handful of businesses shifting the perception of quality in home textiles by using sustainable materials and tracing back to the origin of the product.  Coyuchi is one of the first brands to work with organic cotton for home textiles and the now offers a broad range of home textiles using organic cotton, natural linen and natural wool.  Coyuchi’s textiles are minimally processed following strict guidelines set by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).   Developing sustainable home textiles involves researching supply chains, managing to environmental standards while creating product that is on trend and appealing to consumers.  This presentation will share Coyuchi’s approach to fulfilling the requirements and delivering great products.

Eileen’s talk is part of the LACMA plenary session Sustainability in Textile Art and Industry, chaired by Kaye Spilker.