Janis Jefferies

Jeffries HeadshotJanis Jefferies trained as a painter in England, studied in Poland during the Cold War under Magdalena Abakanowicz, and has spend most of her creative life working in art schools and universities primarily in London, sometimes in America, Canada and Australia. She is an artist, writer and curator who is best known for thinking about text and textiles, art and technology, practice as research.   She is currently Associate Pro Warden Creative and Cultural Industries and Professor of Visual Arts, Department of Computing, Goldsmiths, University of London UK. She is editing, with Hazel Clarke and Diana Wood Conroy, the Handbook of Textile Culture (for publication, 2015.)

Talk Title: Back to the Future

Abstract: Making in the physical world implies unmaking, remaking, making new connections across people and place, the physical and the virtual. Through the manipulation of textile materials, processes, methods, histories, technologies, new knowledges are produced; this is an area of creative and critical risk and even more so in the digital revolution. So, one argument runs along these lines: that the resurgence in textiles is simultaneous with a global growth in electronic communications. While this conjunction with physical practices in the age of electronic computing may appear to be somewhat paradoxical, technology has provided a different network of social relations and distribution. As such, textiles as one of the oldest and newest technologies around, takes us though a web, a journey back to the future.

Janis’s talk is part of the LACMA plenary session New Directions: New Ways of Thinking chaired by Matilda McQuaid.