Sharon Takeda

SharonTakeda HeadshotSharon S. Takeda is Senior Curator and Head of the Department of Costume and Textiles at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Her exhibitions include Kimono for a Modern Age (2014), RODARTE: Fra Angelico Collection (2011-12); African Inspiration: Kuba Textiles and European Modernism (2010-11), Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915 (LACMA 2010-11; Berlin 2012; Paris 2012-13), Breaking the Mode: Contemporary Fashion from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA 2006-07; Florence 2007-08; Indianapolis 2008), Miracles and Mischief: Noh and Kyōgen Theater in Japan (2002-03), Japonism in Fashion: The Influence of Japan on Western Dress (1998), The Fabric of Life: Japanese Folk Textiles (1995), and When Art Became Fashion: Kosode in Edo-Period Japan (1992-93). In addition to exhibition catalogues, her publications include Japanese Fishermen’s Coats from Awaji Island for the Fowler Museum at UCLA, contributions to Edo: Art in Japan 1615-1868 for the National Gallery of Art, and articles in American, British, and Japanese journals. Sharon serves on the Directing Council of the Centre International d’Etude des Textiles Anciens (CIETA).

Sharon is organizer and chair of the plenary session Textiles in Museums, featuring Ann Hamilton, Lynne Cooke, and Maximilien Durand.

Session Summary: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (and its origins as part of the Los Angeles County Museum of History, Science and Art) has organized more than 150 special costume and textile exhibitions in the past ninety-five years, including the first textile exhibition to travel to multiple museum venues (2000 Years of Silk Weaving; 1944) and the first exhibition in an art museum dedicated to Indonesian textiles (Textile Traditions of Indonesia; 1977-78). In recent decades, LACMA’s costume and textile exhibitions and publications have garnered national awards and traveled internationally. In July 2013, LACMA (in association with the Cotsen Foundation for Academic Research) organized an intimate think tank of invited art professionals—museum directors, curators, conservators, a graphic designer, an art publisher/editor, a technology/digital media specialist, and a contemporary artist—to discuss past, present, and possible future directions of textile exhibitions and publications. This panel consists of three of the think tank presentations.