You-Lo Hsieh

you-lo davis web headshotYou-Lo Hsieh is a Professor of Fiber and Polymer Science and Chair of Textiles and Clothing at the University of California (UC), Davis. Her research integrates materials chemistry with biocatalytical and biomimetic strategies to create novel nano-structured fibers and functional materials. These research efforts have led to innovations in biofinishing of cotton, nanofiber supercapacitors, nanocellulose super-absorbents, etc. Hsieh has mentored students in programs including chemistry, materials engineering, forensic science and textiles at UC Davis and Berkeley. She has published over one hundred sixty refereed journal papers in addition to edited book, book chapters and international and US patents as well as served extensively and in leadership roles at the university and professionally.

Talk Title: Science, Technology and Education for Sustainability in Textile Industry

Abstract: With the advancement of science and technology and the demands for material culture have come the evolution of apparel and fashion goods over the years. Consistent supply of fibers and fibrous products of targeted uniformity has drawn focus toward a few large quantity commodity fiber types while the fiber-to-garment supply and demand chain has become more global. With the ever increasing concern over fossil fuel resources and environmental consequences have come ranges of issues, challenges and opportunities related to innovations and sustainability. Examples of scientific discoveries and technological advancements that potentially benefit sustainable product development will be discussed. Visioning and efforts to integrate fundamental physical and social science multidisciplinary curriculum that embody interdisciplinary perspectives to educate students who have contributed toward the country’s largest California apparel industry will be presented.

You-Lo’s talk is part of the LACMA plenary session Sustainability in Textile Art and Industry chaired by Kaye Spilker.