R.L. Shep Ethnic Textiles Book Award

The 2017 Nominations Process is Now Open

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Given annually to a publication judged to be the best book in the field of ethnic textile studies, the award consists of a cash prize funded by an endowment established by R.L. Shep in 2000. The purpose of this award is to encourage the study and understanding of textile traditions by recognizing and rewarding exceptional scholarship. Books are reviewed by the R. L. Shep Award Committee.

The awards are announced through a TSA Press Release, and at our Awards Dinner during the TSA Biennial Symposia.

The deadline for nominations for the 2017 R.L. Shep Ethnic Textiles Book Award is March 1, 2018

Nominations may be submitted by anyone. Publishers will be expected to provide three review copies of nominated books to committee members.

For questions and further information about the award, please contact committee chair, Sarah Fee at sarahf@rom.on.ca

Please use the online form to submit all book nominations. You will need to include the title of the book, year of publication and name of the author (or for anthologies, the principal author or editor). Nominations may be submitted by anyone. Publishers will be expected to provide three review copies of nominated books to committee members.

Previous winners of the R. L. Shep Award:

2016  Edwards, Eiluned Block Printed Textiles of India: Imprints of Culture. Niyogi Books, New Delhi.

2015  Mackie, Louise W. Symbols of Power: Luxury Textiles from Islamic Lands, 7th – 21st Century. Cleveland, OH and New Haven and London: Cleveland Museum of Art and Yale University Press, 2015.

2015 Caldeira, Leah, Christina Hellmich, Adrienne L. Kaeppler, Betty Lou Kam, and Roger G. Rose, eds. Royal Hawaiian Featherwork: Nā Hulu Ali’i. San Francisco and Honolulu: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and University of Hawaii Press, 2015.

2014 Ralph Isaacs Sazigyo, Burmese Manuscript Binding Tapes: Woven Miniatures of Buddhist Art.  Silkworm books of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2013 Elizabeth Wayland Barber and Barbara Belle Sloan Resplendent Dress from Southeastern Europe: a History in LayersUniversity of Washington Press.

2012 Zhao, Feng (Chinese editor) and Deiter Kuhn (English editor) Chinese Silks. Yale University Press (New Haven and London) and Foreign Languages Press (Beijing).

2011  Marchese, Ronald and Marlene Breu, Splendor & Pageantry:  Textile Treasures from the Armenian Orthodox Churches of Istanbul. Eden, South Dakota: Nettlebury Publications, 2010 [not available until March 2011]. 

2010 Edited by Ruth Barnes and Mary Hunt Kahlenberg, Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles, Published by DelMonico Books-Prestel

2009 Bruce Bourque and Laureen LaBar, Uncommon Threads: Wabanaki Textiles, Clothing and Costume, published by the Maine State Museum, Augusta, in association with The University of Washington Press, Seattle and London.

2008 Andrew Morrall and Melinda Watt, English Embroideries ‘Twixt Art and Nature 1500-1700, Published in Association with the Bard Graduate Centre for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design and Culture

2007 Roy W. Hamilton and B. Lynne MilgramMaterial Choices: Refashioning Bast and Leaf Fibers in Asia and the Pacific,Los Angeles: The Fowler Museum at UCLA.

2006 Sherry Rehman and Naheed Jafri, The Kashmiri Shawl, from Jamavar to Paisley, Ahmedabad: Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

2005 David W. Fraser and Barbara G. Fraser, Mantles of Merit: Chin Textiles from Myanmar, India and Bangladesh. Bangkok, Thailand: River Books

J. C. H. King, Birgit Pauksztat and Robert Storrie, eds. Arctic Clothing of North America – Alaska, Canada, Greenland. Montreal & Kingston, Ithaca: McGill-Queen’s University Press

2004 Patricia Marks Greenfield, Weaving Generations Together: Evolving Creativity in the Maya of Chiapas, Santa Fe: School of American Research Press

2003 Gillian Green, Traditional Textiles of Cambodia – Cultural Threads and Material Heritage, Buppha Press, Chicago

2003 Janet Catherine Berlo and Patricia Cox Crews, Wild by Design: Two Hundred Years of Innovation and Artistry in American Quilts, University of Washington Press

2002 Monisha Ahmed, Living Fabric: Weaving Among the Nomads of Ladakh Himalaya, Orchid Press of Bangkok, Thailand

2001 Katharine Larson, The Woven Coverlets of Norway, University of Washington Press

2000 Nurhan Atasoy, Otag-I Humayun: The Ottoman Imperial Tent Complex, MEPA (Medya Pazarlama Taskin ve Ticaret, A.S.), Istanbul