Mission Statement


The Textile Society of America, Inc. provides an international forum for the exchange and dissemination of information about textiles worldwide, from artistic, cultural, economic, historic, political, social, and technical perspectives.

Established in 1987, TSA is governed by a Board of Directors from museums and universities in North America. Its 700 members worldwide include museum curators, teachers, historians, artists, students, dealers, and collectors.

TSA organizes biennial symposia. The juried papers presented at each symposium are published in Proceedings. It also distributes a Newsletter, membership directory, and textile bibliography. These Publications are included in TSA membership.

Board of Directors

  • Roxane Shaughnessy
    Roxane Shaughnessy
    Textile Museum of Canada
  • Elena Phipps
    Elena Phipps
    Past President
    Independent Scholar/Senior Research Scholar MMA
  • Patricia Hickman
    Patricia Hickman
    Past President
    Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii/Artist
  • Maleyne Syracuse
    Maleyne Syracuse
    Independent Finance Professional 
  • Susan Brown
    Susan Brown
    Recording Secretary
    Associate Curator, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
  • Ann E. Svenson
    Ann E. Svenson
    Director of Internal Relations
    Textile Conservator
  • Michele A. Hardy
    Michele A. Hardy
    Director of External Relations
    Curator of Decorative Arts, the Nickle Arts Museum, University of Calgary
  • Susan Bean
    Susan Bean
    Director at Large
    Independent curator
  • Laura Camerlengo
    Laura Camerlengo
    Director at Large
    Exhibitions Assistant with the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Costume and Textiles department
  • Gerry Craig
    Gerry Craig
    Director at Large
    Associate Professor/Department Head, Department of Art, Kansas State University
  • Sarah Fee
    Sarah Fee
    Director at Large
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada Associate Curator, Royal Ontario Museum
  • Eulanda A. Sanders
    Eulanda A. Sanders
    Director at Large
    Iowa State University, Ames Iowa, Department of Apparel...
  • Jill D’Alessandro
    Jill D’Alessandro
    Director at Large
    De Young Museum
  • Dominique Cardon
    Dominique Cardon
    International Advisor to the Board
    Research Scholar, CNRS, France

Task Representatives

  • Roy Hamilton
    Roy Hamilton
    Program Chair, 14th Biennial TSA Symposium, Los Angeles 2014
    Curator, Asian & Pacific Collections, Fowler Museum
  • Sharon Takeda
    Sharon Takeda
    Co-Host, 14th Biennial TSA Symposium, Los Angeles 2014
    Senior Curator and Head of the Department of Costume and Textiles, LACMA
  • Marlys McGuire, St. Paul, MN
    Marlys McGuire, St. Paul, MN
    Bibliography Editor
    Librarian, MaGrath Library, University of Minnesota


  • Tali Weinberg
    Tali Weinberg
    Executive Director, Textile Society of America
    PO Box 5617, Berkeley, CA 94705 Phone (510) 363-4541
  • Lauren Hartman
    Lauren Hartman
    Membership Associate
  • Ellyane Hutchinson
    Ellyane Hutchinson
    Website Coordinator
    New York