The Textile Society of America plays a unique and important role in the field of textiles today. There is no other organization with the scope and vision of the TSA:

* We build a forum to share expertise and creative experience;

* Foster collaboration across different disciplines within the field of textiles;

* Enable young scholars to present their work, and provide opportunities to interact with established leaders in the field in our all-encompassing symposia;

* Publish new scholarship;

* Facilitate participation in exhibitions, and now sponsor one in conjunction with our symposium; and

* Work continuously to provide learning opportunities for all of our members, through our study and travel programs.

The Textile Society of America exists to foster and disseminate knowledge about textiles worldwide. Our strength is in our enthusiastic members, our small, dedicated staff, and our committed volunteer Board. In order to grow our programs and create a sustainable institution we need to further invest in staff and infrastructure.

Like any organization, the TSA needs a strong financial base to foster our goals. TSA is a membership driven organization and depends on members for financial support.

Support our work with a donation to our Annual Fund! Every dollar we receive from your donations goes directly to our programs, scholarships, and awards. Every gift, no matter the size, is valued. Without your financial contributions, we cannot exist.