Mission Statement


The Textile Society of America, Inc. provides an international forum for the exchange and dissemination of information about textiles worldwide, from artistic, cultural, economic, historic, political, social, and technical perspectives.

Established in 1987, TSA is governed by a Board of Directors from museums and universities in North America. Its 700 members worldwide include museum curators, teachers, historians, artists, students, dealers, and collectors.

TSA organizes biennial symposia. The juried papers presented at each symposium are published in Proceedings. It also distributes a Newsletter, membership directory, and textile bibliography. These Publications are included in TSA membership.

Board of Directors

  • Vita Plume
    Vita Plume
    Professor Emerita
  • Lisa Kriner
    Lisa Kriner
    Vice President
    Professor of Art
  • Lesli Robertson
    Lesli Robertson
    Principal Lecturer, Fibers
  • Owyn Ruck
    Owyn Ruck
    Freelance consultant
  • Roxane Shaughnessy
    Roxane Shaughnessy
    Past President
    Textile Museum of Canada
  • Catharine Ellis
    Catharine Ellis
    Director of Membership
  • Wendy Weiss
    Wendy Weiss
    Director of Communications
    Professor Emerita / Artist
  • Dominique Cardon
    Dominique Cardon
    International Advisor to the Board
    Research Scholar, CNRS, France
  • Rowland Ricketts
    Rowland Ricketts
    Director at Large
    Associate Professor
  • Ruth Barnes
    Ruth Barnes
    Director at Large
  • Lauren Whitley
    Lauren Whitley
    Director at Large
    Curator, Dept. of Textile & Fashion Arts
  • Lee Talbot
    Lee Talbot
    Director at Large
  • Linda Eaton
    Linda Eaton
    Director at Large
    Director of Collections and Senior Curator
  • Ann Peters
    Ann Peters
    Director at Large
    Independent Scholar
  • Sandy Peinado
    Sandy Peinado
    Director at Large
    Director, Artist Development and Social Impact

Task Representatives

  • Lila Stone
    Lila Stone
    Social Media Coordinator
  • Lynn Tinley
    Lynn Tinley
    Proceedings Editor
    Independent Scholar and History Professor
  • Sherry Ewaskowitz
    Sherry Ewaskowitz
    Marketing Coordinator
    Interdisciplinary Textiles Specialist


  • Caroline Hayes Charuk
    Caroline Hayes Charuk
    General Manager
    Visual Artist