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The Call for Nominations for the 2016-2020 TSA Board of Directors is Now Open

The nomination process is open Jan 15- Feb 15, 2016


The slate will be determined by the Elections Committee, to be voted on by members in May. The Elections committee consists of four Board members and two members-at-large. To view the current board, visit the TSA about page. Please direct questions about the process to

General info about the TSA BOARD responsibilities and its activities:

TSA Board members are responsible for the stewardship of the organization, defining and refining its goals and mission as TSA grows and develops, establishing priorities while ensuring that the activities address the mission and core values of TSA, supporting and strengthening the structure, finances and functionality of the organization for the future.  The Board contributes their knowledge and skills in various ways and should represent the diversity of TSA both geographically and professionally and serve as advocates for their specializations and regions. All Board members participate in bi-annual meetings and serve on committees throughout the year to conduct the business of the organization and work closely with the Executive Director who coordinates TSA activities. TSA has an all–volunteer Board, and Board members are responsible to support their own participation in meetings, which are held in various locations in the US and Canada. TSA Board members help to develop and promote the activities of TSA, contributing their time and energy to build and engage with members, helping to identify constituencies that contribute to the vitality and relevance of the organization.

General qualifications:

Board members are expected to be engaged and established in their field of expertise. Previous experience on a non-profit Board is very helpful, but not a requirement. Board members are expected to support their own travel to bi-annual meetings. Expenses incurred for these meetings are considered as in-kind donations. While there is no outright donation requirement, all Board members participate and engage in the fundraising process—in a variety of capacities– that is essential to the ongoing financial security of the organization. Board members should be available to spend regular time monthly on TSA business, which varies throughout the year, and to meet regularly though conference calls and/or electronic meetings with their committees. Board members are expected to respond in a timely fashion to Board business, votes, and provide input. Bi-annual meetings currently take place in different parts of the US and Canada and Board members are expected to attend all, with 3 out of four in a two-year period required.[Note: TSA is currently discussing a shift in the requirement to enable Board members to attend electronically.]

TSA seeks young professionals and emerging perspectives as a part of the Board governance of the organization: individuals are welcome to the nomination process. TSA unfortunately is not, however, at this time, in a position to support individuals with the financial requirements of travel, etc.

Positions open for 2016-2020 term:

Vice President/President Elect

Tenure: The Vice President/President Elect serves a two year term as VP, and then becomes the President for two years. After stepping down from the position as President, the individual remains on the Board for two years as Immediate Past President.

Job description: The VP/Pres Elect works to assist the President during the first two-year period, after which they take on the mantle of the office of President. As a Board Officer, the VP/Pres Elect is a member of the Executive Committee. Download the PDF to Read More


Tenure: four year term.

Job Description: In addition to the general TSA Board responsibilities, the Treasurer, working closely with the Executive Director and the Financial Advisor, is responsible for the oversight of the budget and financial transactions of the organization. As a Board Officer, the Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee. Download the PDF to Read More


Tenure: four year term.

Job Description: In addition to the general TSA Board responsibilities, the Secretary records and summarizes the minutes of all Board and Executive Committee meetings, archiving the organizations records. As a Board Officer, the Secretary is a member of the Executive Committee. Download the PDF to Read More

Directors-at-Large (4 positions open)

Tenure: four year term. May be elected in the subsequent cycle for a second four-year term, if desired.

Job description: Directors-at-Large participate in Board activities, serving on and potentially chairing committees, including Membership, Programs, Publications, Scholarship and Awards, among others. Committees meet electronically throughout the year, and bring reports and business to the bi-annual Board meetings. Directors-at-Large work together on TSA activities, such as the Biennial Symposia, Strategic Planning, Fundraising and other core projects of the organization. Download the PDF to Read More

Director of Internal Relations:

Tenure: four-year term.

Job Description: Director of Internal Relations is responsible for overseeing membership and communications activities, along with general Board committee work. Download the PDF to Read More