Nominate a Book

Nominations Due March 1st 2015 


Nominations are open to English language books (including bi or multi lingual publications in which all essential information appears in English). For the purpose of the award, “ethnic” textiles are defined as the non-industrial textiles of Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Native and Latin America, as well as those of identifiable cultural groups in Europe and North America. Books on subjects closely related to textiles (such as dyeing, basketry, costume design, etc.) may be nominated and will be considered based on their centrality to the intent of the award as judged by the Award Committee. Books of a variety of formats, including monographs, anthologies, and exhibition catalogs may be nominated.

Books written or produced by committee members are ineligible for the prize.An Award Committee member who wishes to have his or her book considered must step down and be replaced by another Board appointed member. In order to avoid the practice of giving awards to “insiders,” books written or produced by current members of the Board are also ineligible for the prize. Individuals who have previously received the R.L. Shep Award are ineligible for nomination for a period of six years.

Nominations may be submitted by anyone.