Qaraqalpaqs of the Aral Delta

For the past fourteen years TSA members David and Sue Richardson have been visiting the Central Asian outpost of Qaraqalpaqstan, researching the history and culture of the Qaraqalpaqs who mainly live in the Aral Delta at the southern end of the former Aral Sea. In the past the Qaraqalpaqs followed an unusual semi-nomadic lifestyle in the marshlands and waterways of the Aral region, developing a unique textile culture in the process. Qaraqalpaq yurts were theatrically draped with dramatically decorated yurt bands and hangings while Qaraqalpaq women donned extraordinary costumes and headdresses embellished with exquisite embroidery.

LECTURE TOUR – richardsoms

Sept. 7  Chicago
Sept. 9  Indianapolis
Sept. 11  Seattle
Sept. 13  San Francisco
Sept. 15 LA
Sept. 22  DC Int. Hajji Baba Soc.
Sept. 23  NYC HBC
Sept. 28  Boston
and for further more detailed information, please contact Cheri hunter in LA who has organized this tour
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