TSA Establishes a New Award Fellows of the Textile Society of America.

 “As we honor path-breaking leaders in the field, we also foreground the diverse ways that textiles are integral to human experience, emphasize the central roles that textiles play in life, and articulate our aspirations for the field as a whole.”

— Susan S. Bean, specialist in the visual arts of modern South Asia and TSA Board member.

Nominations open May 1, 2015

Nominations deadline July 15, 2015

The form for nomination submissions will be accessible on the TSA website:

The Textile Society of America is instituting a new program to recognize and honor individuals who have over the course of their careers, made path-breaking contributions to the field, in textile scholarship, education, art, or in sustaining textile arts globally.

Through this program TSA aims to foster recognition and appreciation for those who have dedicated their lives and work to the study, creation, and preservation of textiles, and in doing so have inspired colleagues and transformed the field.

All TSA members are invited and encouraged to nominate colleagues who merit the status of Fellow of the Textile Society of America. Fellows need not be nationals or residents of the United States or Canada, nor do they have to be TSA members. Each nomination must be supported by a substantial account of the nominee’s contributions, including a brief professional biography of the nominee, as well as a listing of seminal publications, exhibitions, or history of work. Each submission must be endorsed by two additional TSA members.

 “The Fellows Program is an opportunity for TSA to recognize and honor the contributions of those whose dedication and work has enlarged our knowledge and appreciation of textiles. I hope that this will be just the beginning of a number of ways in which we can acknowledge these individuals, and the many others who have spent their lives teaching, creating, researching, defining, exploring and expanding the field, and as a result, enriching our world.”

— Elena Phipps, immediate Past President, Textile Society of America.

TSA will announce its first Fellows in the fall of this year, 2015. Nominations will be reviewed and selected biennially, by a special TSA Board-appointed committee.

Download the full Press Release: Fellows Program Announcement